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About Us

Golden Hands Home Care was launched in 2016 from the office in Colchester by Maria Monnette Causapin who has extensive experience supplying a high quality care service to clients, supporting elderly and individual with learning disabilities and complex needs. Alongside her was her husband, Plaridel Causapin who provided her an immense amount of support as well as his knowledge and experience on the work. The concept was put together by the family. 

The board of directors are composed of mix skills in care, with extensive training in leading the team to provide a high quality of care.

What Golden Hands Home Care aims to contribute to the community is providing an exceptional Domiciliary Care Service to private individuals and to be known as one of the best provider associated with the local authority Social Services.

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Our Aims

  1. Ensure that a high-quality, comprehensive, professional domiciliary care service is to be provided giving service users the joy and comfort of living in their own homes for as long as possible.

  2. Provide a personalised, unique, service user centred holistic care to each and every one of our service users, always considering their wishes and needs along with family and informal carers’ wishes and needs.

  3. To work to succeeding in presenting service users with a safe and consistent high standard of care within their own home in a respectful manner.

  4. Promise and maintain confidentiality, privacy and dignity of all service users giving them the feeling of safety and reassurance which is the building block of a good relationship with our company.

  5. To encourage independence and physical well-being for all service users.

  6. To encourage all staff to ongoing personal development by providing them relevant, high standard, quality induction and annual update training.

  7. To run a profitable business devoted to benefiting all staff and service users, facilitating growth and improvements in the service provided.

Golden Hands office
Golden hands home care
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