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Supported Living Services 

In the world of care, live-in home care is quickly increasing in demand. When compared to residential care it is more convenient for people as they have more control of their own care, which takes place in the comfort of their own home. It helps people live more independently and allow them to keep as much of their lives as possible. It is more empowering when they are able to have their own schedules and keep up with their hobbies and interests.


A live-in home carer is fully tailored to suit your needs and personality as suppose to a residential care home where your life is moulded to fit the care home's routine. If you prefer a life of fun and excitement your own carer will be able to let you go out and take on as many activities as you like. If you are on the other side of the spectrum and you would rather have an early night in then that can be orchestrated. 


Your live-in home carer will be living with you full time, so they can provide you with the care and attention you need at all times. This is good for those who prefer the company of others to feel comfortable. You will no longer have gaps in the day where you feel alone and bored at home.

You will no longer have to feel vulnerable and your family will feel secure about your well-being as you are monitored and taken care of 24/7. Since it all takes place in your own house they have the peace of mind that they can visit you anytime without having to worry about signing in or visiting restrictions. 

Money is also one less thing to think about as it is completely affordable and more cost effective than residential care or nursing homes. 

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