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Special Services

From time to time care workers may be asked to undertake some tasks, and they may be considered as specialists. These tasks may be undertaken prior to appropriate risk assessments and only after specific training. Before undertaking these tasks the care worker will be trained on the procedure (this is called an induction) with an expert staff. After the induction the care worker will now be ready to proceed the task with the person whom require the needs while being monitored by an expert staff with relevant qualification, e.g. occupational therapist, speech therapy or nurse.

Such tasks may include:

  • Assisting with artificial feeding

  • Changing sterile dressings

  • Catheter care - changing bags, monitoring output

  • Tracheotomy care - oral suctioning

  • Assistance with eye or eye drops

  • Ileostomy and Colostomy care - changing of bags

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